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We met in Portugal in the small-town Vila Nova de Milfontes. Ivo was teaching surf and Annemarie was practicing intensive yoga and surfing as well.

The idea of combining our passions surf and yoga in this beautiful place, was the starting point to create this project.

We sat down together and realized the magnificent potential we had in hands, not only because of the wonderful location and variety of activities available in the region, but also the combination of the professional experience of Annemarie as a yoga teacher and running a Yoga Studio in the Netherlands and Ivo’s local knowledge and passion for the surf.


I started to surf in 1994 when I was 13 years old. The call of the sea was always there. As a child I used to fish with my grandpa and wished that life could be like that forever, as an endless summer holiday. I became a professional surf teacher later, when I was already an experienced surfer.

In my classes I like to approach the surf not only as a sport but as a holistic experience of body, mind and the elements.

I am a surf trainer accredited by the Lusófona University, certified by the Portuguese Surf Federation and I enjoy to work with all levels of experience (from complete beginner to advance levels) .

I am also graduated in Philosophy by Lisbon University.

I live in Vila Nova de Milfontes. Teaching surf all year around at surfschool Surfmilfontes, and taking care of the dreams of that child that I once was.


In 2008 I had my first yogaclass. My body was very stiff and there was instant resistance in my mind. Thoughts were popping up about what I was doing here on my mat? But afterwards a peacefull silence came over me.

Over the years I intensified my yoga practice and observed the deeper layers that uncovers with yoga. There is so much more to life then our little mind can make up. I want to expand this consiousness and therefor the quest of what is ‘true’ and what not.

In the beginning of 2014 I finished an intense Yoga Teacher training. Afterwards I travelled over Europe, New Zeeland and India and joined ashrams, trainings and workshops with international known yogateachers such as Mark Robberds and David Swenson.

In september 2015 I founded SoHam yoga studio in the Netherlands in a small old schoolbuilding. Quickly more people came to the studio and now we have a big running yoga studio with 7 teachers en 2 rooms. The goal is to create a beautiful place where people can practice yoga and come togheter. To share, laugh and grow in their full potential.

Yoga for me is getting back in touch, and deepen, my intuition, drive and experiencing clear the here and now. To feel the deeper connection from within with nature, people and everything that life unfolds.

In my classes I teach yoga that will reconnect and energises you. To melt movement and breath togheter, so that it can feel like a flowing meditation. Become strong, open and flexible. I want you to give an oppertunity to dive deep and experience the spaciousness within.

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