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Getting There

The best way to travel to us, is to take a flight to Lissabon airport.
There you can travel to busstation Sete Rios by metro or taxi, and get the bus to Villa Nova de Milfontes.
The buscompany is called Rede Expressos. Here you can find timescedules and prices (around 16 euros) to go to Vila Nova de Milfontes:
You can travel to the busstation by cab or metro.
A taxi to the busstation Sete Rios is around 10 euros and it takes about 10 minutes.
The metro is around 3 euros and will take you about 45 minutes. You travel to metrostop Jardim Zoolocigo, the Blue line.

Rent a Car
You can also rent a car and drive to Vila Nova de Milfontes. Its about a 2 hour drive and a small car costs about 8/10 euros a day)
We also have the possibility to pick you up from Lissabon. You can ask us what is possible.


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