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Portugal, Alentejo is the south region of Portugal in between Lisbon and Algarve known for its sunny and resting landscapes.


Its charm has been looked for many travellers, writers and spiritual seekers. The feeling of timeless and the beauty of a wide-ranging landscape makes this region an intense and peaceful experience, which is embodied in the local culture and people.


Land, nature, history and culture is what makes Alentejo one of the richest places in Europe and, at the same time one of the poorest according to the European economical standards. But is precisely all these characteristics that makes Alentejo the last utopia, in the words of the poet Manuel Alegre:



In the whiteness of the lime a blue traceAlentejo is the last utopia.” – Manuel Alegre

Quinta da Samoqueirinha

The retreats will take place in a beautiful farm – Quinta da Samoqueirinha – located between the hills of São Luis and the Atlantic Ocean. There is 25 hectares land with an amazing wild garden where beautiful animals enjoy freely the space. Peaceful and exciting surroundings and traditional Architecture make of Samoqueirinha a very special place.

The farm is inside the National Nature Park, one of the most precious landscapes of Portugal owing to the coast line with splendid wild beaches and little sunny fisher villages.

The nearest fisher Village is Vila Nova de Milfontes, which is 10 minutes away from the farm. There you will find all the facilities of a small town and you also have the opportunity to enjoy this lovely place.

Vila nova de Milfontes is a centenary village with a mild climate and abundant sun all year around. The village has a great food culture based on fish and seafood. A picturesque river surrounds the village offering a relaxing view and calm waters.


The accomodation is rustically decorated, charming and comfortable. You have access to the garden and the swimming pool. It’s an ideal location to retreat yourself en emerge yourself in nature.


The rooms have double large beds with a private bathroom with shower, bath and toilet. Each room has also a entry to a small outside terrace where you can relax and unwind or walk into the garden.


 We have three options for your accomodation:


OPTION 1: You can book a single room all to yourself with a private en suite bathroom with shower, bath and toilet and an outdoor small veranda. The costs for this single appartment in combination with the retreat is € 1190 total.


OPTION 2: Or you can share the room with one other person. Is has two seperate big beds, en suite bathroom with shower, bath and toilet and an private veranda. For this option you pay € 850 total per person.


OPTION 3: We have also a general appartment where we meet and have the dinners. This appartment has 1 single room and a double bed room with a shared bathroom. For this option you pay total € 775 per person all-in.


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