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yoga wanderlust

12 - 19 may 2019

- Lets wander and go where the stars kiss the ocean. –

This retreat we combine everyday yogaclasses with exploring the beautiful surrounding of Alentejo, Portugal with different activitities.

Everyday you wake up with a relaxing and energising yoga class. After your delicious breakfast, you have some leisure time to digest and relax.

In the afternoon we go explore the beautiful surrounding of Alentejo Portugal. What about horseback riding between the green hills.

A coastwalk between the wild ocean and green flowering dunes, on the old fisshermansroute Vincentina. Find empty beaches and blue lagoons.

Or we take a boattrip on the blue green River Mira. Still one of the cleanest rivers of Europe. Maybe we go surfing on the ocean or kayaking.

We plan our wanderlust activities based on the group. It’s going to be fun, adventurious and the magic of the wild nature of Alentejo, Portugal will touch your heart.

7 sessions 1 class 7 nights all-in horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, boattrip, surf
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